Frequently Asked Questions

What is Farm Fanatics Soko?

Farm Fanatics is a technology-driven, on-demand grocery, and home essentials delivery service.

Who is doing the shopping and delivery?

Our staff pick, check out, and pack specific items on a customer’s shopping list and then deliver the order directly to the customer.

What are the delivery hours?

The typical delivery hours are between 9 am and 10 pm.

How far in advance can I place my order/what is the delivery window?

Orders can be placed up to 31 days prior to delivery designated by the customer at check out. Orders can be scheduled for delivery within 24Hrs from the time of order.

What products will TOPS be offering for delivery with Farm Fanatics?

Customers will be able to order most items available in-store including detergents, beauty products, frozen items, produce, meat, seafood and gift hampers. The below items will not be available through Farm Fanatics at this time:

  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Pharmacy prescriptions
  • OTC drugs / products where ID is required
  • Catering
  • Carryout Café “made to order” options (e.g. subs, pizza, chicken wings)
  • Special order products (e.g. custom cakes)

Where does Farm Fanatics deliver?

We do deliveries within Nairobi County at the moment and will be expanding to neighboring cities soon.

How do I place an Farm Fanatics order?

Visit . Create an account and enjoy your shoppin

What if an ordered item is out of stock in-store?

Customers can designate specific replacements in case an item is out of stock during the checkout

process. If a specific replacement is not designated, Farm Fanatics’s shoppers will choose a replacement item that is comparable to the original based on brand, flavor, size, dietary considerations, and price.

Customers are notified of replacements and have the opportunity to approve the replacement or request a refund for the item.

Farm Fanatics also has a chat feature that allows customers to communicate in real-time with their Farm.

How can I cancel an order?

To cancel an order simply log back into Farm Fanatics’s site or smartphone app and find your pending order. You can cancel an order online. Typically, this is 1-2 hours before the requested delivery time.

How can I change an order to add or delete items?

Log back into Farm Fanatics’s site or smartphone app and find your pending order. You can add or delete items to an order.

How can I track the status of my order?

You can track the status of your order both on your desktop/laptop computer or on your smartphone using this link:

How can I contact Farm Fanatics about issues or questions about my delivery experience?

Please contact the Farm Fanatics’s Community Support team 24/7

How do I recognize Farm Fanatics Delivery Person at my door?

Farm Fanatics delivery person will wear a lanyard containing their Farm Fanatics identification card around their neck.

How do I return product I am not satisfied with?

Please contact the Farm Fanatics Community Support Team at +254 740 00 00 10 or mail to for any issues with an order placed for Farm Fanatics delivery. Please note – for returns, the purchase price will be reimbursed to the form of payment used for the purchase.

Can I use coupons in the Farm Fanatics virtual store?

Farm Fanatics partners with over 600 of the top consumer packaged goods brands. There may be special coupons offered in the Farm Fanatics virtual store that can be applied to your order with just one click.

What happens if prices change between when I place my order and when it is delivered?

The price you pay for a product ordered through Farm Fanatics is the price the product was at the time you placed your order. Price changes at the time of delivery do not affect your payment for the original order.

Where do I input my FF Bonus-plus card number?

Your BonusPlus card number can be entered during your Farm Fanatics checkout.Farm Fanatics Shopper Fees Delivery Fees and Service Charges will not earn FF Points.

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